Closing 2020.

What a year, I mean really WHAT A YEAR. This year began with great intentions.
1. Kathryn and I planning to purchase a company which would have made us a major player within the Canadian landscape for marketing to women.
2. Rebranding Town as Borne.
3. Learning that the sale of said company would not be going through.
4. An ugly ending with the seller.
5. COVID hits
6. Stumbling through the next many months teaching the children, tending our business and a little bit left over for making sense of things.
7. Deciding to take clients freelance again vs as part of Borne.
8. Taking a role at 55Rush
9. Finding a groove again….

I know I am not alone in this but DANG IT. I am tired. I am so tired of Zoom calls and social distancing. I am so tired of awkward social negotiations. I am tired of wondering what will be next.

No great lessons to share, just a momentary UGH.

Here is hoping that 2021 is a little bit more predictable.