the ask

Provide a deeper understanding of the Boden customer to aid in the launch within the US market. Client was working within a limited budget and acknowledged that their understanding of the UK female shopper wasn’t necessarily a direct translation.

the approach

Using a combination of social listening tools, third-party applications, and the open-source Watson Personality Insights API. We were able to sort, parse, and cluster the audience groups from the Boden social channels.

Using the AI-driven linguistic analytics organized around three psychology dimensions the Big 5, Values, and Need. We then applied an additional dimension of 52 unique traits providing insights into each individual’s personality characteristics.

We used this graph to determine individuals likely to respond to marketing messages and the techniques required to convert them into passionate US-based Boden customers.

the deliverables

We uncovered three distinct personas within the clusters to guide the marketing strategy for the US launch.

Each persona included an analysis of personality traits, motivations, and prescriptive recommendations on the types of messaging and media to reach her.

The personas also included brands for competitive conversion and recommendations on channel-specific strategy for each.