the project

Tribe 113 was the answer to the growing opportunity in influencer marketing by mega-agency Mosaic. Perhaps the largest player in experiential marketing and retail, through the Acosta division, this project was an excellent opportunity to do something at scale.

This was also my first time with the official title of Senior Product Manager.

Featured here in Strategy Magazine.

the work

I joined the team when the project was still in the development phase.

I was able to oversee the direction and work closely with the development team to implement feature improvements and bring the final product to life.

I went on to work with other agency stakeholders to present and showcase the product. Also heavily involved in the marketing and promotion of the platform to the Mosaic client base.

In my time with Mosaic we expanded on the Tribe113 to include a micro-influencer platform strategy to activate the 1000’s of Gen Z brand ambassadors and participants on the experiential side of the business.