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In recent years I’ve held the following titles at both agencies and brands – scope me on Linkedin:

Director Client Strategy
Partner & Sr. Strategist
Vice President
VP – Digital
Lead Educator
Sr. Digital PM
Sr. Director of Innovation & Strategy
Director of Digital
Sr. Product Manager
Director of Marketing
Director of Analytics & Strategy
Sr. Producer

Within Digital Consulting, these are the types of work that I get excited about:

  • Product to Market Strategy
  • Technical Project Management
  • Audience First Strategy
  • Accessibility Website Audits
  • Creating Digital Products
  • Speaking & Education
  • Startup Marketing Plans
  • Membership Sites
  • E-Commerce for Small Businesses
  • Persona Development and Targeting Strategy for advertising
  • Mapping out the connections between 3rd party services – removing friction in the flow
  • Developing Measurement Frameworks for agencies

Some examples of work that I am proud to have been a part of and that illustrates some of my talents…

working conditions

  • I enjoy the quiet thoughtful work that actually moves the needle for businesses. Which means I dislike busy work that is expensive and unnecessary and avoid it whenever possible. A huge proponent of how do we do more with less.
  • I love being practical and efficient. One of my favorite questions is, “are we doing this because it is the right thing, or are we doing this because it is what we/others have always done?” I am always on the lookout for a smarter, easier, more cost-effective solution.
  • Happiness, for me, is working with a smart team and jamming together to solve problems. The “and then…” progression of collaborative work. Give me a whiteboard and an afternoon and we can make magic.
  • Don’t love phone calls. I prefer to write or speak face-to-face. The way my brain works is challenged with telephone calls and the lack of thinking time to answer questions.
  • I am an early-bird and sometimes a night owl. Time zone agnostic.


The elusive quest for balance is of great importance to me at this stage in my life.
Work + Family + Fitness = Happiness.

In order to make this mathematical magic work, I am precious about my schedule and my commitments. I’ve outlined a few ways we can work together that deliver a great deal of value and make my own equations work. This is the way I can bring my best self to all of my pursuits and relationships.


Flexible to scale as needed – a minimum of 5 hours required.

No specific commitment of time or scope beyond the minimum. Put me wherever I can be most valuable to your team.

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Project-Based Engagement

One client. One project. Fixed-Rate.
Set fees based on project scope.

Think one website launch, one new product, or one accessibility audit.

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Many clients. Many projects.

Think fractional CMO, Digital Lead, Head of Strategy

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my current personal projects

Academe of Influence – Education for Influencers to help them expand their knowledge of the typically less-sexy sides of running a digital business. Our first-course offering is focused on Measurement on Instagram. With many more planned in the future!

eQ5 – Equestrian Boutique for Canadian riders. This little Shopify pilot is in the works as a ride-along for those curious about Zero-Launch Ecom business building.

Blending my love of the ponies with my love of all things digital with a bit of utility built-in as getting great stuff in Canada is HARD.