Get it done, by the hour, model.

Ideal for… a project or problem that needs solving and you aren’t sure exactly what is required. Perhaps you know exactly what you need and I am exactly the person to get it done. Booking me as an hourly consultant is a great way to start the unraveling.

Whether you are just kicking off and don’t know where to start, or just about to wrap and need a little push to make it to the finish line. This is the approach for you.It is simple to get started and you don’t need to have a ton of upfront details to get me going.

We have two options to get things moving.
Option 1: Book a discovery call – Simply check my calendar for availability, book your discovery call, and upload any briefing materials you might have.
Option 2: Complete the briefing document – recognizing that telephone calls aren’t everyone’s favorite means of communication we can start things off with a form complete instead.

Again, don’t worry if things aren’t finalized yet, I recognize this may be exactly how I can help. Coming out of the discovery process I will provide you will an invoice and an agreement. Hourly engagements require a minimum of 5 hours booked which is due in full along with your signed agreement to kick things off. This is to ensure that I allocate the appropriate amount of time to thinking about and processing your project. This step also formally articulates the details and expectations between myself and your team.

After the initial 5 hour block, you will be billed by the hour each month on the 15th. I track my time in detail and will submit along with my invoice to whomever you assign on your end. If you have a time tracking system you would like me to use that is fine too.

Ready to get started?
Call or Complete.

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