Currently Booking Projects for
September 2020

In recent years I’ve held the following titles – scope me on Linkedin:

Partner & Sr. Strategist
Vice President
VP – Digital
Lead Educator
Sr. Digital PM
Sr. Director of Innovation & Strategy
Director of Digital
Sr. Product Manager
Director of Marketing
Director of Analytics & Strategy
Sr. Producer

The types of work that I get excited about:

  • Product to market strategy
  • Audience first strategy
  • Creating digital products
  • Speaking & Education
  • Startup marketing plans
  • Membership sites
  • E-Commerce for small businesses going digital
  • Persona development and targeting strategy
  • Mapping out the connections between 3rd party services – removing friction in the flow
  • Developing measurement frameworks for agencies

Working Conditions:

  • I like quiet thoughtful work that actually moves the needle for businesses.
  • I dislike busy work that is expensive and unnecessary.
  • I love being practical and efficient. Questioning “are we doing this because it is the right thing, or are we doing this because it is what we/others have always done?”
  • I love working with a team and jamming together to solve problems. The and… progression of collaborative work.

My Current Projects:

Borne Consulting – One half of a partnership with Kathryn Easter – we help brands create experiences for moms. Encompassing the broad spectrum that is digital as well as integrating physical experiences. With deep expertise in marketing to moms this is a natural fit for us to focus on.

Academe of Influence – Education for Influencers to help them expand their knowledge of the typically less-sexy sides of running a digital business. Our first-course offering is focused on Measurement on Instagram. With many more planned in the future!

Want to work with me on something outside of what is listed above?
I am always available to consult on projects that get a “hell-yes!” so get in touch if you think we would work well together.