Shannon Thorndyke - Digital Marketer - Headshot

I’m Shannon Thorndyke.

Marketer, Digital Consultant, Speaker, Educator, Geek, Feminist, and all-around fun gal.

As a digital marketer, I bring nearly two decades of experience and 100’s of projects, working with multinational brands in both the US and Canada. This practice has allowed me to hone a focused passion for audience-first strategy, kickass project management, and the nuanced segment of women with children.

I have been honored to work on the business of all sizes of brands, startups, and not for profits. What remains consistent is my commitment to doing great work that ACTUALLY moves the needle.

As a digital consultant and solver of big problems, I continue to passionately approach both the 50,000-foot view and the nitty-gritty details of execution. I delight in finding the next tech startup or evolving an internal process to optimize efficiency. Check out a listing of a few clients who I’ve helped solve problems in the past.

As an international speaker and educator, I’ve been hired to both speak and teach on influencer marketing, marketing to women, marketing technology, and digital trends. Through experience and storytelling, I’ve developed a knack for making even complex topics accessible and find some of the greatest satisfaction helping others learn.

At home, you can find me raising two young children and tending a collection of cats, and ponies. Fitness is a key element in my life, as born again runner and equestrian I spend as many hours outdoors as possible. The voracious reader inside me spends all other available time with a book.

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